Distix is a distributed ticketing system built on top of git and email. Like ticketing systems in general, it is meant for keeping track of support requests, bug reports, etc. Unlike most ticketing systems, distix works as distribued as git, and all communication is over email. This allows everyone to view, search, and manipulate tickets offline.

Distix is a command line program. It can also generate a static, read-only web site.

For most people, distix is an invisible agent that keeps track of issues and bugs by being Cc'd on emails. There is no login required. The emails do not need to follow any structure. Each email thread becomes its own ticket. The support staff can search and manipulate tickets using a command line tool, but everyone else just sends email.

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Distix is currently being developed only by Lars Wirzenius. To contribute code or documentation, open a ticket with patches in the email, or a URL to a git repository to pull from.

For an unfinished architecture document, see arch.